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PJSC “KAUCHUK” – manufacturing of industrial rubber goods

Raw rubber (rubber mixture) is a multicomponent, homogeneous system containing rubber and other ingredients intended for the production of products as a result of vulcanization. A distinctive feature that is the ability to large reversible, highly elastic deformations.
PJSC “KAUCHUK” – manufacturing of industrial rubber goods, repair kits, rubber compounds. Serial production of industrial rubber products for the automotive industry.
In the most general form, the rubber mixture contains the following components: rubber or a mixture of rubbers; vulcanization system; fillers; plasticizers (plasticizers); stabilizers (antioxidants, light stabilizers).
Rubber compounds are rolled and calender, with a temperature interval from - 60C to +250C.
Rubber compounds serve as a raw material for the production of various sealing products that can withstand the effects of water, technical oils, fuels and weak chemical solutions.

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